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New Items
Krembs Brush Line
Krembs takes pride in presenting a series of brushes you will be pleased to use and recommend to your customers. You will enjoy the professional look and performance of these beautiful natural wood brushes. We offer more than thirty different types of brushes in round and paddle styles, three types of matching brush stands, as well as an opportunity to private label any brush in the Krembs brush line. The Krembs staff will be happy to tailor your order to meet your specific purchase and retail needs.

Round Thermal Brushes
Features metal center and maple wood handle. Available with nylon bristles or mixed
boar/nylon bristles. Our mixed boar bristle brushes with a 60% boar and 40% nylon mix create a softer, smoother appearance. Stand sold separately.

brushes, nylon
brushes, mixboar Mixed Boar Bristles
brushes, round-thermal

Round Thermal Brushes
Made of maple wood with boar/nylon bristles and metal center. Use with
R-300 or R-500 brush stand.

brushes, round-boar

Round Boar Brushes
Made with 100% boar bristles and features a rosewood handle. Brushes fit in R-300 or our R
-500 brush stand..

brushes, Maple Natural Maple Wood Handle Brushes
brushes, up-do Up Do Brushes
These brushes are the ultimate for finish work.
brushes, Maple Vent Natural Maple Wood Handle Vented Brushes
Old English Style Brushes
Designed for and by platform artists and working stylists across the nation.
Choose from our 100% boar bristle or our boar/nylon mix brushes with natural wood handles.

brushes Boar/Nylon Mixed
brushes 100% Boar Bristle Brushes
Krembs Ultimate Oval Brushes
Krembs new Ultimate Oval brushes with long/short pure boar bristles on regular or long barrel. Ebony finish with long wood handle. See size details below.

brushes, ultimate Krembs Ultimate Oval Brushes
Easy Grip Foam Handle Brushes
Krembs new shiny, natural maple wood brush w/black easy grip foam handle comes with a woodbarrel or a silver ceramic thermal barrel. 100% boar bristles. See size details below..

brushes, easy Easy Grip Foam Handle Brushes
Miscellaneous Brushes
brushes, misc. Miscellaneous Brushes
Mason Pearson Brushes
brushes, paddle Mason Pearson Paddle Brushes
Always an industry favorite, preferred by set designers and stylists everywhere. The Mason Pearson brushes are made in England and have a well earned reputation around the world..
Y.S. Park Brushes
Hand crafted in Japan and designed by one of the top Japanese styling champions, the
Y.S. Park brush collection offers a variety of styles to choose from. All brushes are extremely
lightweight and ultra comfortable to use. Choose 100% boar, hard rubber or boar/nylon mix
bristles. You will be impressed by the look and feel of these exceptional quality brushes.

brushes, YS-Park brushes, YS-Park brushes, YS-Park brushes, YS-Park brushes, YS-Park brushes, YS-Park brushes, YS-Park brushes, YS-Park